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Mobile phones themselves can be used as bugging devices. They can be programmed not to vibrate, ring or show any outward signs that they are being called. They then auto-answer and the caller can listen in to conversation within the room.

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This type of attack can either be done on a target phone which the perpetrator would then leave somewhere in the vicinity of the conversation they are targeting. Or it could be done illicitly by sending someone an email or text with an attachment which, once opened, would download the necessary software onto the target phone. The phone can then be controlled by the hacker who can then remotely switch it on and be listened to from any other mobile phone anywhere in world. In addition, a report by Computerworld claims that some new Smartphone apps are using your phones microphone and camera to gather creepy data about you!

A new class of app has emerged that uses the microphone built into your phone as a covert listening device.

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The apps try to alleviate privacy concerns by saying they only record sound patterns, not actual sounds or conversations. As a precaution you should take care when downloading apps as you could easily download malware and only download from your service providers website. And be cautious of using Wi-Fi connections.

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Even when a GSM function is disabled on a Smartphone, the in-built camera can still be used as an eavesdropping device. As it is virtually impossible to buy a mobile phone device without a camera this is a threat which should not be ignored. A Radio Frequency RF bug involves the placing of a radio transmitter in a room. RF bugs can be incredibly small and can be concealed in just about anything including skirting boards, picture frames, plugs etc.

Relatively inexpensive and easy to use, these types of listening devices require no specialised receiving equipment. Radio frequencies are given off by nearly all spying devices, and these radio frequencies can be detected with the proper equipment. Different types of bugs give off a large range of frequencies and specialist equipment is required to check the entire RF spectrum.

Basic RF detectors, that can be purchased relatively cheaply, will only be able to detect limited frequencies and will give you a false sense of security, and so its always best to engage the services of the professional TSCM operative. Two terms which are often interchanged but in fact refer to two separate types of attack are Bug and Tap.

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The differences are Tap or Wiretap This is a device placed on the telephone system and is designed to intercept telephone conversations. Would highly recommend. Wrote to company with some other enquires This again had issues at the beginning, but after contacting customer care they replaced the device. It does work as advertised, but not tried over any great distance.

Wrote to company with some other enquires to get the full benefit. Still awaiting a reply.

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Thought this item sounded too good to be true, especially given the reasonable cost. However due to Care Home issues with a relative, desperately needed some way to investigate possible mistreatment. Item was dispatched from seller same day and arrived neatly packed and with clear instructions. Bought EE PAYG Sim you'll need to put it in a 'ordinary' phone to validate voucher credit if using that - SIM is full size by the way and was up and running within 5 minutes - you just phone the number related to the SIM card and get to hear the conversation at the other end.

Have not tried the voice activated call back feature.

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Adaptor is secured by screws, and there is a tiny bit of wiring inside, but the whole thing is very easy to do if you follow the instructions. The only possible issue might be network marketing texts being received and causing VidaXL - Listening Kit with parabolic dish. Although their shape is a bit utilitarian they are reasonably discreet when in your ears and don't stick out much at all.

Looking at you Bose SoundSport! FIT Only 3 sizes of silicon tip are included and I found all to be a little too small for my middle-aged man ears. However I was able to fit some 3rd party tips from Trinity Audio and found these worked perfectly. The playback controls are Good value for the money" - by Miss Mary England.

This product charges quickly. Switch to on, red light comes on the flashes - once flashing stops is in record mode. I tested it and recording is clear. You can save the downloaded audio files and rename them on your PC.

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Apparently allows for 17 hours of recording which is great. Good value for the money. Currently unavailable.