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Mobile trackers are today used for parental control, to keep track of the field activities of employees and in several other ways. With a wide selection of apps available both for Android and iOS platforms, tracking has become easy. This satellite system is able to provide a precise location of any device accurate to a few meters. The satellites send down signals to the earth and the GPS receivers in the smartphones and other devices send back these signals to the satellites taking which are then relayed to a tracking device.

How To Trace Mobile Number Current Location In Pakistan 2019

The satellite system compares the time and distance while relaying the signals to offer the precise location of the object. Modern apps go beyond offering the location of the object and can also be used to extract real-time images, videos, text messages, and other information from the phone.

Locate A Phone Number

This sums up our list of the top 10 mobile phone tracking apps. These apps are hugely popular and are being used both commercially and individually. Most of these apps are constantly undergoing evolution to offer smarter features to the users.


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Are you getting calls from unknown number? Do you want to find from where that person is Calling? Phone number Tracker application helps you to track any phone number from India.

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You can search for any mobile number to find the contact name and the location. The city area, state, country and service operator of the phone number will be displayed and the geographic location will be shown on the maps. You can easily see who is calling and identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id with name and location information country, State, city area and even service operator. You can view the detailed area location and service operator name of your friends or colleagues in the contacts and recent call logs.

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You can track the phone number, show caller id without internet connection. Internet connection is required to show location on Google Maps.

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